skunk exclusion at staircase in ajax 2

Skunk Exclusion at Porch Stairs in Ajax

Exterior Inspection

The property owner of a residential property called for a rather small exclusion concerning skunks. Lots of people are not aware of the fact that skunks like to inhabit structures that are man-made and that offer shelter for skunks. Skunks will dig burrows and will stay close to the yard.

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The reason to do so is that skunks are after grubs that live near the soil. Skunks will dig that up and eat it. It often causes an aesthetic nightmare because of the many holes they create in the ground as well which will take time on the customer’s side to repair and fill up.

As soon as the technician arrived on-site, the technician conducts an exterior inspection to locate the problem area. Soon enough, the technician determined a gap in front of the property on one of the steps.

gap in stairs found on porch 3
A gap was found on the porch staircase. Skunks can easily enter and house themselves there indefinitely.

Initial Measures Taken

The technician did the following to seal and secure the entry point. The technician first removed the step with the help of equipment that the technician has on hand.

removal of step and railing 2
To access the full habitation, the technician had to remove a step and a handrail.

To get to the problem area properly, the technician removed the hand railing. The technician then cemented the step and applied steel mesh to the entry point. After that was done, the technician installed the hand railing back.

cemented stairs and mesh 2
To access the full habitation, the technician had to remove a step and a handrail.


Skunks can get in a rather narrow gap. Skunks will stay under existing structures with a solid base. Areas that skunks are found under include sheds, decks, and areas with lots of vegetation which they dig themselves to get underneath the base. If you notice skunk presence, give the technicians from Skunk Control to have our technicians conduct inspections to determine the cause and source of the break-in. Call 467-496-4484