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Skunk Shed Exclusion in Guelph

Exterior Inspection

Homeowners complained of noise out in their yard where there was a gazebo and a shed located. Upon hearing this, our team dispatched a wildlife control specialist to the property that was in a neighbourhood in Guelph. When the technician arrived on-site, they immediately began conducting an exterior inspection around the perimeter of the property.

If you have issues with skunks on your property and want to get them removed as soon as possible, contact Skunk Control Guelph for professional and humane removal.

The exterior inspection is the most important step in the wildlife removal and exclusion process because it provides wildlife control with extremely important information that will dictate what measures the technician will take. Furthermore, vulnerabilities will be noted and will be taken into account and conveyed to the property owner.

Once the exterior inspection is done, the technician will move on to the removal process. During the inspection, the technician found that there was a skunk underneath the shed and that raccoons were hiding in the roof area between the beam and the rafter.

Initial Measures Taken

For the skunk, the removal process was straightforward but demanding. To remove a skunk from a property, technicians need to dig a 1 ft deep trench around the perimeter of the shed. Skunks are peculiar animals and love to hide and stay underneath the base of man-made structures. The technician ended up digging 28 ft around the shed which was then laid with wildlife-proof steel mesh. These are attached to the base of the shed with washers and bolts for a sturdy finish. They can withstand the fiercest attacks.  The steel mesh is laid in an L-shape. This prevents the animals from digging under the building. They will inevitably hit the mesh and will give up.

skunk shed exclusion in guelph 1
an L-shape steel mesh was attached to the deck.

Since the skunk(s) are hiding underneath the structure, technicians need to get them out without being invasive and harming them. For this, the technician uses a One-Way Door. The One-Way Door forces the animal out via one exit. The “door” only swings open one way. After the animals exit, they cannot come back in and leave the area. The One-Way Door is attached to the steel mesh.

wildlife mesh OWD for deck exclusion 3
A One-Way Door was attached to the deck.

It takes the skunks to exit their burrow for about 7-10 days. After mounting the One-Way Door, the technician returned for a second visit, removed the One-Way Door, and sealed it.


The property owner was very happy with the result after learning that the skunks were successfully removed. If you have man-made structures such as a shed on your property, chances are that there might be wildlife underneath the shed. Property owners should pay attention to strange noises, especially during the night since intrusive wildlife animals are often active at nighttime. For skunk removal, contact Skunk Control by calling 647-496-4484

owd door down 1
after the skunk left, the door was taken down and the entry point was sealed.