Seeing skunks in the yard likely means that there is a den nearby. As burrowers, skunks dig under decks, sheds and porches for shelter. If there is skunk activity on your property, call us for guaranteed removal and exclusion. We offer humane, permanent solutions to all skunk problems. Our services are guaranteed and backed with a 2-year warranty.

Are Skunks Taking Over Your Space?

Humane Skunk Removal

Urban wildlife poses many a problem for homeowners.  As the weather gets colder, animals such as squirrels or raccoons may break into one’s attic to seek shelter from the elements and a place to reproduce.  This can lead to any number of disruptive problems for those suffering from the occupation of unwanted animal guests.  These include excessive noise, severe property damage and potentially health risks through proximity to parasites and fecal matter. However, in addition to these concerns, there is one species of wildlife which poses an even greater nuisance: skunks.

skunk under deck


Skunks, just like raccoons, often dig under sheds to find protection from the elements. You might look under the deck and not see the den entrance, but the burrow is there.

skunk under shed


Sheds offer the best protection to skunks. Often sitting on a concrete slab, the shed structure acts like a fortress above their bunker deep underground.

skunk under porch steps


Solid or precast steps can provide excellent shelter for skunks. Animals often dig under concrete steps and set up their den deep below the surface.

Low Profile Exclusion Work for Skunks

Check out our work

We take the time needed to make sure that our work will not only withstand the test of time but also to make sure it looks good. Our work has a low profile and by the time we are done you won’t be able to tell we were there.

Professional Skunk Removal Service

skunk trenching
Our work gets burried under ground and is not visible.


Once we find the area that skunks are using as a den, we measure and verify the exact number of feet we will need to exclude. We also verify that no babies are present and that all animals are mobile and can move on their own.

Trenching & Meshing

With your permission - we get to work. We will dig about 15-20 inches deep around the structure and attach a steel mesh barrier underground. This way skunks will not be able to dig back under the deck or shed once they vacate.


Skunks vacate through our one-way door. This door can be attached to allow any animals that are hiding under the structure to exit. Once the animals are out, we return and seal things up permanently.

We make sure There are no immobile babies

Do Not Block Entry Points

There might be skunk babies living in the den. By blocking entry points to the den, you are potentially hurting the animals inside. Our services are performed at times of year that potential skunk babies are totally grown up and mobile to minimize any possibility that animals are stressed or hurt. Hire us for professional and humane skunk removal services.

skunk entry point under deck

The Problem With Skunks

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Skunk Odour

When skunks become alarmed or threatened by a person or animal they spray as a defensive weapon. Skunk spray can be long lasting and overpowering.

skunk damage lawn

Property Damage

Skunks can compromise small structures by digging underneath. They can also cause significant damage to lawns by digging in search of food – grubs and worms.

skunk roundworm

Health Concerns

Skunks can carry rabies. They can also carry parasites like roundworms. Some skunks carry ticks, mites, and fleas, which can also be harmful to humans and pets.

Skunk Removal FAQ

How Much Does Skunk Removal Cost?

The price for a typical skunk removal job starts at around $300 for the installation of the one-way door. Prices for exclusion and trenching start at about $30 per linear foot. Prices include materials and labour. Keep in mind pricing may vary depending on size and difficulty of the dig.

What does Your Warranty Cover?

Our warranty covers labour and materials on the areas we perform work on. If an animal breaches our work during our warranty period, we will return to rectify the situation at no additional cost to you. It is a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

Do You Trap Skunks?

We do not trap skunks because it risks harming the animal. The skunk may hurt itself as it tries to escape, or experience dehydration. Trapping also risks separating a mother from her babies, which is inhumane. Relocating wildlife is also illegal in Ontario.

How Does A One Way Door Work?

The one-way door swings outward, letting the skunks out of their den when they want to leave. Once out, they cannot get back in. This is the most humane and effective way to evict skunks.

When Do Skunks Have Babies?

Skunks have babies once a year, sometime between April and June. They are blind and immobile at birth, so removing them too soon risks separating them from their mothers. Our technicians wait until skunk babies have reached at least 8 weeks of age before evicting them.

Do You Only Provide Services for Skunks?

The same service we provide for skunks can be applied for raccoons and other burrowing animals such as rats. The technique is the same, but some aspects change, such as the size and type of the one-way doors. Pricing is similar.

Professional & Guaranteed

Experienced Wildlife Removal Professionals

2 Year Warranty on All Work Performed

Humane & Effective

Our technique does not harm animals

Our Exclusion Services Work

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Skunks are misunderstood creatures

Skunk Concerns

The primary concern about skunks for most people however is not in their destruction to property but in the defensive weapon they are so famous for.  The defensive spray of a skunk is a horrific odor to say the least, so potent in fact it is powerful enough to ward off bears and other large predators.  The scent glands which produce the foul smelling methyl mercaptan chemical have muscles which are allow the skunk to spray with great accuracy at distances of over three meters.  The stench is so potent that it is noticeable at ranges of over several kilometres, the it is known to cause great pain, irritation, nausea and even temporary blindness.  Cornered or intimidated skunks will generally warn impending threats by stomping their feet or hissing.  Mothers however are extremely protective or their young or “kits”, and will spray indiscriminately and at will if feeling threatened.  

Given these irritants and dangers, should skunks be present on your property it is best to call a professional for removal. Although trapping skunks is a feasible method of dealing with the issue, the best way of limiting a skunk presence on your property is to take away the animal’s habitat.  Skunks will typically borough under decks and sheds, so ensure that these areas are properly secured from any looming  wildlife concerns by hiring a wildlife professional.

We remove skunks from under decks, sheds and more.

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