Are Skunks Taking Over Your Space?

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At Skunk Control, We will remove the skunks from your home, don’t risk getting sprayed. Our technicians can not only help remove the animals but also can help in taking the necessary steps in preventing them from coming back. We get the animals out humanely, and preventative measures include exclusion with low-profile mesh. We help animals vacate with specially constructed one-way doors and we provide a 2-year warranty on all our work. Call us for more information: 647-496-4484

Skunk Removal FAQ

How Much Does Skunk Removal Cost?

The price for a typical skunk removal job starts at around $300 for the installation of the one way door. Prices for exclusion and trenching start at about $30 per linear foot. Prices include materials and labour. Keep in mind pricing may vary depending on size and difficulty of the dig.

What does Your Warranty Cover?

Our warranty covers labour and materials on the areas we perform work on. If an animal breaches our work during our warranty period we will return to rectify the situation at no additional cost to you. It is a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

Do You Trap Skunks?

Trapping and relocating skunks stresses and harms the animals and can have negative effects on local wildlife populations. We do not trap and relocate animals. We always advise against trapping.

How Does A One Way Door Work?

A one way door is a door that opens only from the inside. When we seal up a den we always place a one way door over the opening so that animals use the door to exit. Once out, the animals can’t get back in and as a result move on.

When Do Skunks Have Babies?

Skunks have babies during the Spring months. Any wildlife prevention work has to take into account younger and potentially immobile animals. We take extra care to not disturb skunk babies during these times and work primarily during the Summer months when animals are all grown up.

Do You Only Provide Services for Skunks?

The same service we provide for skunks can be applied for raccoons and other burrowing animals such as rats. The technique is the same but some aspects change, such as the size and type of the one way doors. Pricing is similar.

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