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Skunk Shed Exclusion in Toronto Neighborhood

Exterior Inspection 

A complaint was made by the property owner of an outdoor shed of alleged wildlife activity in a residential neighbourhood in Toronto. In this case, we will revisit what the technician exactly did to resolve the situation and what measures were taken beforehand to end the case successfully. A wildlife control specialist was dispatched to the location where the technician immediately began an exterior inspection of the shed in question.

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Shed under where skunks were hiding 1
Technicians will conduct exterior inspections of properties to know what steps to undertake during the removal process


During the exterior inspection, the technician will thoroughly search the perimeter of the structure to detect signs of activity. During the inspection, the technician will also make note of vulnerable areas that can be exploited by other wildlife animals as well. The exterior inspection is the most important step in the skunk removal process because it informs the technician about the possible whereabouts of the animal as well as entry points throughout the structure that will be taken care of during the exclusion process. Skunks are a particular threat to these kinds of structures because they like to stay underneath these properties. Skunks will dig underneath the base and stay there.


Initial Measures Taken 

After the exterior inspection, the technician found out that the case concerned an adult skunk and skunk babies. To remove the skunks, the technician took the following measures:


Around the entire perimeter of the shed, the technician installed 35 ft of steel mesh. This material is strong enough to protect against any type of attack. Not only did the technician install 35 ft, but they also dug a 1 ft trench around the perimeter. The idea is to create an L-shaped barrier that will prevent skunks from digging in the ground to get under the base and will stop them in their tracks.


Skunk OWD and 1 ft trech to prevent skunks digging back of shed 1
A technician will barricade the property will steel mesh and attach a One-Way Door to give the animals a single way out that also prevents re-entry.

After the shed inspection, the steel mesh was applied, and a One-Way Door was attached. The One-Way Door is to lead the wildlife animals out, without allowing them to get back in, locking them out. Since the skunks were under the shed, and the steel mesh barrier prevented them to crawl out, the One-Way Door was the only possibility to get out from underneath the shed. Once out, skunks cannot get back in.


To account for any alternative ways, the technician also added mesh barriers to the sides of the shed creating a strong barrier. A small gap between a wooden fence and the shed wall was also blocked. Preventing any wildlife animals to slip between the fence and the shed.


Barrier between fence and shed to prevent skunk entry 1
The top of the fence in between the fence and the shed was also barricaded with steel mesh. Preventing animals that can climb.


A second One-Way Door was attached before a vertical mesh barrier was installed between one side of the shed while the other one had no One-Way-Door.


mesh side shed OWD 1
Left: Mesh barrier with One-Way Door. Right: Without. This forces the skunk one way.


It takes wildlife animals such as skunks about 7 to 10 days to vacate the property. In total two One-Way Doors were installed around the shed, 35 ft of galvanized steel mesh was used around the property, and the technician conducted a skunk baby search. The skunks were nowhere to be found near the shed after they successfully left the area. The One-Way Doors were then removed and sealed after confirmation they left. The property owners were satisfied with the results. If you hear strange sounds coming from anywhere on the property, call the technicians from Skunk Control at 647-496-4484. Our Skunk removal professionals are insured and qualified to handle any skunk break-in.