How to stop skunks from digging in your lawn

How to stop skunks from digging in your lawn

Lawn Grubs and Skunks

Skunks are fascinating animals that are often feared because of their smell. When people smell that, people will immediately point fingers at a skunk. There are a lot of signs that may point to a skunk infestation and when of these are looking out for small potholes that the skunk digs to get ahold of grub. grubs are larvae of scarab beetles that like to feed on the roots of the grass. Skunks have quite an appetite for grub proven by the number of potholes they dig in lawns. The way they seek out grub is by sniffing them out. Skunks have very strong and sensitive noses and when it catches wind of grub it will dig out small 3 to 4 inch small holes all around the lawn. To make sure that skunks do not hang out on your lawn, you need to take care of your grub. 

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Chicken Wire 

One cheap alternative is to install chicken wire around your neck yard to keep the skunks out. There are electric options on the market as well but depending on how you feel about the well-being of the animal, the analog way is the way to go in this situation. It is cheap and easy to install and you can see very quick results from it. Another alternative is to install fences that prevent skunks from climbing on the lawn. Skunks are very well known for their digging skills, but they are terrible climbers. There are a number of materials you can look at to make their life a bit harder. these can be steel mesh, concrete, silt. It is very important to actually ‘plant’ the fences well into the ground for at least 6 feet. 

Taking Care of Grub

To take care of the skunks you need to deter them from the stuff that will get them there. To make sure that they do not have access to grubs, look into applying beneficial “Nematodes” to the soil. Nematodes are small plant-parasitic insects that kill small bugs in soil. Since grubs are what they are after, beneficial nematodes will decrease the population living in your lawn’s soil.

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