Can Baby Skunks Have Rabies

Can Baby Skunks Have Rabies?

Yes, any animal that gets bitten by another rabid animal can get rabies. Baby skunks are not the exception, but due to their fragile nature, they might not even live long for people to notice. Rabies is a condition that affects the nervous system and muscles. It can impair thinking, cause disorientation, foaming, aggressiveness, and …

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Can Skunks Carry Rabies

Can Skunks Carry Rabies

Yes, skunks can indeed carry the Rabies virus as they are classified as a vector species of disease. Many animals that roam Ontario such as the infamous raccoon carry a multitude of several viruses that can spread from animal to animal and even from animal to humans. Cases of Rabies are rare, but it is …

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Skunks Digging Up Lawn

Skunks Digging Up Lawn

Skunks can be very problematic animals when they break into lawns. They can be a headache to your lawn’s aesthetics because of the grubs that they so often look for. They dig holes to catch them. They have a very sensitive nose that is capable of digging up grub 3 inches deep in the ground. …

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Lawn Grubs and Skunks

Lawn Grubs and Skunks

Skunks are interesting creatures and are often associated with their skunk spray. When people smell that, people will immediately point fingers at a skunk. There are a lot of signs that may point to a skunk infestation and when of these are looking out for small potholes that the skunk digs to get ahold of …

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roundworms in skunks

Roundworms in skunks

Baylisascaris columnaris is a roundworm found in skunks and can be passed on to different types of animals. Baylisascaris is a type of roundworm found in different types of animals including the raccoon. The roundworm is usually passed down to dogs. When a roundworm infects a human it can have grave consequences for the health …

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