Can Skunks Carry Rabies

Can Skunks Carry Rabies

Yes, skunks can indeed carry the Rabies virus as they are classified as a vector species of disease. Many animals that roam Ontario such as the infamous raccoon carry a multitude of several viruses that can spread from animal to animal and even from animal to humans. Cases of Rabies are rare, but it is always possible. Rabid animals can have symptoms that can show up weeks or months after contracting the virus. If you’re worried about the skunks in your area, call us for humane skunk control in the GTA.

Pet owners should be wary of wildlife as Ontario is a hotbed of all types of animals at all times. Dog owners who walk their dogs regularly should be careful of any type of wildlife biting their pets as it can have devastating consequences in just a few days or even weeks. For humans, rabid skunks are as equally dangerous as they can display very aggressive behaviour and can be incredibly erratic where they can be provoked to attack anyone in their path.

Certain signs can include but are not limited to walking with a limp, disorientation, aggressiveness, overly tame, foaming, spasms, roaming outside of abnormal hours. It should be noted that seeing animals out during daytime is not per se a sign of a rabid animal. This is because urban wildlife has adapted to a lifestyle that fits their needs due to the abundance of food and water throughout the cities they’re active in.

Rabies can only be transmitted to other animals in the last stage of the rabies contraction. Rabies can be contracted through contact with saliva. Some cases of rabies have been reported by saliva entering just a scratch. As mentioned earlier, pet owners should stay vigilant and vaccinate their pets against the virus.

To have skunks removed it is advised to contact a professional skunk removal service that can swiftly and safely ethically remove the skunks. Technicians are licensed professionals trained to deal with all kinds of situations wildlife is involved in, including skunks. When you do deal with wildlife in your yard or inside, make sure to stay at a considerable distance and call your local skunk control company.

The technicians from Skunk Control have been in the field for more than a decade and have resolved numerous cases throughout different cities around Ontario. We put safety first when we dispatch our technicians and always follow provincial guidelines when it comes to the safe handling of skunks. We will never harm skunks nor trap them during or after the removal process. For more information on how are skunk removal process works, call Skunk Control to get a high-quality service at an affordable price!