Do Baby Skunks Smell

Do Baby Skunks Smell?

Skunks are some of the few animals out there that use a spray for self-defence. It’s so powerful that it can be smelled from over 2km away. Skunks are also incredibly accurate with their aim. They can spray at a distance of 15ft, warding off coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, and even bears. If you’ve ever …

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Skunk Digging Up My Lawn

Skunks Destroying My Lawn

Skunks are a complex species. They are omnivorous in the winter but carnivores in the summer. Skunks are incredible diggers and have long claws that are hard and sharp. Their most common food is grubs which they eat on mass from spring to summer and even into the fall. They are a serious pest as …

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