How to Get Rid of Family of Skunks Under Shed

How to Get Rid of Family of Skunks Under Shed

Have you spotted a family of skunks in the yard? Skunks are nerve-wracking animals, given their ability to spray. No one wants to come home after a long day of work, or to take the dog out for a walk, only to be sprayed by a skunk. These animals are best avoided. If there is a family of skunks under your shed, you will need to harass them humanely, or call a wildlife removal company for help. Call Skunk Control for quick and easy skunk removal services in the GTA.

Skunks den under sheds to raise their kits. Here, they can be safe from predators. Skunks mate between January and March, during which females dig under sheds, decks, porches, and other structures in anticipation of their young. Females are pregnant for 63 days and give birth sometime between March and June. Skunk litters typically range from 4 to 6 kits. Kits are blind and deaf at birth, depending entirely on their mothers. Within a few weeks, they open their eyes, and they can walk. At 6 weeks, they begin to venture out with their mothers. At 10 weeks, the kits are independent, and the family leaves the den.

The key to getting rid of a family of skunks is to wait until the kits are mobile. Think about the time of year and wait for the kits to be old enough to leave the den with their mother. Late June is your safest bet. This will avoid trapping any baby skunks in the den and stressing out the mother. However, you should remember that skunks will leave on their own. To check, ball up a piece of newspaper and stick it in the hole under the shed. Wait 3 days and 3 nights. If the paper is still there, the skunk family is gone.

If you want to remove the family yourself, consider practising some humane harassment. Skunks are skittish creatures that will move to another den if they don’t feel comfortable. Try these out before calling a professional:

1.       Use apple cider vinegar

Soak a few rags in apple cider vinegar, then put them in plastic bags. Poke some holes in the bags to release the smell. Then, place the bags around the entrance of the den. The apple cider vinegar will simulate the smell of predators.

2.       Spread kitty litter

Used kitty litter smells like predators, which will scare the mother skunk away. Pour some of your cat’s litter into a perforated bag and place it near the entrance of the skunk den.

3.       Turn on the radio

Turn on some talk radio, or a podcast, and leave it next to the den during the day. The skunks will have trouble sleeping and feel threatened by the human voices.

4.       Point a flashlight into the den

Because skunks are nocturnal, they will dislike having their den illuminated. Turn on a flashlight and leave it pointed toward the den to disturb the animals’ sleep. Leaving it there will make them want to leave.

If all else fails, call Skunk Control. A technician will come inspect your property and remove the animals safely. We use a one-way door, which lets the animals out of their dens, but blocks their return. Our technicians can also exclude the rest of your shed to keep skunks from coming back. Call us today for guaranteed and affordable skunk removal services.