Skunk Smell in House at Night

Skunk Smell in House at Night

Skunks are nocturnal, so they are most likely to spray at night. If you can smell the spray within your house, the incident probably occurred nearby. Inspect your property for signs of a raccoon den and call the professionals for eviction. You should also make your home less attractive to skunks to help keep them away. As for the smell, there are lots of little tricks you can do to make it go away. Call Skunk Control today if you’re interested in having an inspection or having your house professionally excluded. We provide guaranteed skunk removal and wildlife-proofing in the Toronto area.

Skunk spray is so powerful, it can be smelled up to 5km away. The smell can make a whole neighbourhood stink for a day or two. The stronger the smell in your house, the closer the animal. A skunk’s territory ranges from 2 to 4 square kilometers. So, if you’re worried it’s close, take a few minutes to inspect your property. Look for signs of denning under the porch, shed, and other structures you have outside. Skunks like to dig here and make dens underground. Look for openings about four inches wide. If you see anything suspicious, there may be a skunk living on your property.

How to Get Rid of Skunks

Skunks den in the spring, to raise their kits, and in the winter, to wait out the cold. If you can wait a few more weeks, the animals will leave on their own. If not, try to harass them out of there. Turn on a podcast or some talk radio and leave it on, near the den, during the day. You can also point a flashlight into the den so it’s harder for the animal to sleep. Surrounding the den with dirty cat litter or rags soaked in apple cider vinegar may also be effective as they smell like predator urine. Otherwise, call a wildlife removal professional for help.

How to Remove the Smell

First, ventilate. The smell outside will get better. Open the windows and turn on fans to circulate the air. Then, boil a pot of vinegar for about an hour’s time. Replenish the pot with more vinegar as it evaporates. This will help to neutralize the smell of skunk. Additionally, you can fill some bowls with vinegar and place them around the house for a day or two. If the smell is really powerful, try steam cleaning rugs and mopping the floors with a bleach solution of one bleach and ten parts water. Wash clothes and fabrics in hot water, detergent, and half a cup of baking soda. Air dry.

Contact Skunk Control for Help

You should protect your yard if there are skunks in your neighbourhood. Secure your garbage cans, storing them in a shed and using bungee cords to keep them shut. Keep the yard tidy and remove all food sources, such as fallen fruit. To ensure that they never den on your property, call Skunk Control for exclusion. We offer guaranteed exclusion services as well as humane skunk removal. We can seal off your deck, shed, porch, and more, making sure that no animals call them home. Call Skunk Control today for an inspection.