Do Skunks Live Under Sheds

Do Skunks Live Under Sheds?

Skunks are cute, medium-sized insectivores that are indigenous to the Americas. Their bushy tails and little faces make them look harmless, but skunks have a powerful spray that is strong enough to scare away bears. If you’ve smelt the spray before, you might not want to have skunks anywhere near your property. A single spray …

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Do Baby Skunks Smell

Do Baby Skunks Smell?

Skunks are some of the few animals out there that use a spray for self-defence. It’s so powerful that it can be smelled from over 2km away. Skunks are also incredibly accurate with their aim. They can spray at a distance of 15ft, warding off coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, and even bears. If you’ve ever …

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