What Does Skunk Smell Like

What Does Skunk Smell Like?

The smell of skunk is quite memorable. It is an unmistakeable odour once you have smelt it. Believe it or not, humans can smell skunks from up to 5km away. The spray will stink up a whole neighbourhood. Spraying is a defense mechanism that wards off predators. It smells so bad that skunks usually only need to give a warning, and other animals will back away. Even bears avoid skunks. If you think there is a skunk in your neighbourhood, give us a call. We provide effective skunk removal and exclusion services in the Toronto area.

Skunk spray is reminiscent of rotten eggs. It contains sulfur-based compounds called thiols, which produce the awful smell and take a long time to break down. The spray also contains thioacetates, which become thiols when they combine with water. This helps to prolong the smell, and it is one of the reasons why the smell won’t go away with regular cleaning products. Taking a regular shower may only worsen the smell. Keep in mind that skunks only use this ability sparingly because it takes them about 10 days to recharge. It is wise, however, to keep your distance from skunks.

How to Avoid Skunk Spray

While you can’t get rid of every skunk in your neighbourhood, you can make your property less attractive. Store your garbage cans in a shed or in the garage until collection day and secure them with bungee cords or weights so the critters can’t get inside. Use row covers to protect your vegetable patch and harvest things on time. You should also maintain your deck and seal off any gaps you find between its steps or along the bottom of the deck. Skunks like to den under decks, sheds, and other exterior structures. If you suspect that a skunk is on your property, call in the pros.

Wildlife removal technicians get rid of skunks by finding the entrance to the animal’s den, then securing a one-way door. Within a few days, the skunk pushes its way through, then it can’t get back inside. The door only swings one way. To help ensure that it doesn’t dig its way back, technicians can also install a mesh along the perimeter of the structure. They dig along the edges of the structure, then screw a skunk-proof mesh into its sides. This stops any more skunks from digging underneath and making themselves at home in your yard.

Skunk spray is incredibly powerful. If you have been smelling it often, there may be a skunk living near you. Call Skunk Control for a guaranteed skunk solution. A technician will perform an inspection and identify every vulnerability on your property. We can seal and protect every possible entry point to keep skunks out. Keeping the animals off your property will help prevent more sprays near your house. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, and our services come with a warranty for your peace of mind.