What type of damage can a skunk cause

What type of damage can a skunk cause?

Skunks are a general nuisance when on your property. They do not have the full destructive and climbing capabilities of a raccoon nor do they have oposeable paws. However, they are prone to accessing garbage containers that are not restricted and will often come to a property for mating or for giving birth. They will make a burrow often under a deck or other secondary structure on your property and give birth and raise pups in it. This female will be very aggressive and will spray for nearly any reason at all. Often just to make sure there are no predators. This will be a serious issue for the people who have them on their property and while they tend to dig up dirt only they can destroy a lawn.

If there are skunks on your property, give Skunk Control a call and a technician will arrive soon for an inspection.

Skunks are burrowers and will dig holes in the ground and turn over the grass to find grubs which are their preference in the summer. They can tear your entire lawn apart in a very short time and if you are not prepared they will keep coming back every year, going so far as to teach their young of the great bounty of your yard. You will never again be able to have a nice lawn. Not unless you take serious precautions against the damage they can do to your property. While most skunks will damage a lawn they also have strong claws and teeth that can chew bone. So they can break through sealed-off decks and cause a great deal of damage in a crawlspace. Skunks mate in the early winter and produce young by May, June and July. Depending on their age you could have babies in any of those months.

The best perpetration is to take away things they want. The reasons they come to your propriety. You may have a water feature or a pond. Maybe your backyard abuts a ravine. Getting a fence put up that goes down into the ground to prevent burrowing could end that issue very quickly but during the mating season there is nothing that can stop them from coming. You can treat your lawn for grubs in the early spring and then make sure your garbage is protected and safely stored and locked. You can get rid of any animal feeders and even remove water features on the property. Even fixing a leaky hose could be the answer to the problem. Once they have no reason to come, no access to food or water they will stop coming.

While this may not be true for females with pups it will prevent males from using your property as a restaurant and a bathroom and will discourage females from raising their children there as she will have to leave the property whenever she needs food. You can also prevent burrowing by trenching structures on your property they can access with burrowing. If this seems like a lot of work there are many companies you can hire that will do it for a nominal fee, so if you have skunk issues get up and get going because you have the power to end it for good.