How to Get Rid of Skunks Under Deck

How to Get Rid of Skunks Under Deck

Decks are hotspots of skunk activity. They’re dark, secluded, close to food, and quiet for most of the day – a great opportunity for skunks to den somewhere safe. Skunks are burrowers that have no trouble digging their way under decks and porches. They are mostly harmless, but you should remove them if you want to avoid odours and damages to the yard. The following article lists some of the things you can do to evict a skunk from your deck. If you need help, give the experts at Skunk Control a call.

Wait for Them to Leave

The simplest thing you can do is wait for the skunks to leave. Skunks take shelter under decks to wait out the winter’s cold or to raise their kits in the spring. If you can wait a few more weeks, the animals may leave on their own. You can check if the skunks are still there by stuffing the entrance of the den with a ball of paper. If it is still there after 3 days and 3 nights, the animals are gone.

Use Skunk Deterrents

Skunks prefer dark, quiet, enclosed areas where they can sleep safely during the day. You can therefore draw them out of your deck by leaving a radio on during the daytime. Place the radio on top of the deck or near the den’s entrance. Similarly, you can point a flashlight toward the entrance of the den or surround it with cat litter or rags that were soaked in apple cider vinegar. Skunks will mistake the smells for predators and evacuate the deck.

Install a One-Way Door

The one-way door is an effective and reliable device that forces skunks out of their dens. The door swings outward, so when the skunks want to leave, they simply push their way through. Once out, they will be unable to get back inside. You can make your own one-way door by modifying a live trap. Surround the door with mesh and place it directly onto the den’s entrance.

Exclude the Deck

For permanent results, dig a trench along the edges of your deck, one foot deep, then secure a 16-gauge, galvanized steel mesh into its sides. Bury the mesh. Pest-proofing your deck in this way will prevent skunks, raccoons, or rodents from digging into the deck once more. Just be sure to do this in late summer or early fall to ensure that you do not trap an animal inside.

Hire a Wildlife Remover

Hiring a professional is the most reliable thing you can do. Wildlife removers have a deep understanding of skunk behaviour and the tools to remove them effectively. They can get rid of skunks safely and keep them out by excluding your deck for you. The materials that professionals use are weather-resistant and strong enough to resist all pests. We provide safe, affordable, and reliable skunk removal services in the GTA and beyond. Call us if you would like an inspection or if you have any questions.