How Many Babies do Skunks Have in a Litter

How Many Babies do Skunks Have in a Litter?

Skunks have litters of baby skunks between April and June. These cute little critters are mostly harmless, but their mothers will spray you if you get too close. Skunk families can also cause a lot of damage to the yard. Skunks are omnivores that will dig into your landscaping and feed on your plants. If there are skunks on your property, keep your distance and consider having them removed professionally. We offer humane skunk removal and pest-proofing services throughout the GTA.

Skunk Reproduction

Skunks reproduce once a year. In late winter, during the first warm spell of the year, they emerge from their dens to mate. Females are pregnant for 66 days and carry 2 to 7 babies at a time. In anticipation of their arrival, females dig under decks, sheds, and patios to create dens. They may also use the abandoned burrows of other animals. Baby skunks, or kits, are blind and deaf at birth. At 3 weeks of age, they open their eyes and gain some mobility. At 8 weeks, they join their mothers on trips outside the den. Kits leave their mothers in the fall.

How to Get Rid of Skunks

If a female is nesting on your property, you have a few options. First, you can leave her alone and her family will leave by the end of the summer. Second, you can practice humane harassment. Leave a radio on near the den throughout the day. You can also leave a flashlight pointing toward the den, or place rags soaked in apple cider vinegar. Third, you can evict the animal by installing a one-way door to the entrance of the den. This will force the mother out while preventing her re-entrance. Just be sure to do this in the summer when the kits are mobile.

For permanent results, consider skunk-proofing your yard. Dig a trench around your deck and/or shed, then secure a thick, galvanized steel mesh into its structure. Bury the mesh once you are finished. This will prevent skunks, raccoons, or rodents from burrowing underneath. Then, reduce the amount of clutter you have in the yard. Pull weeds and mow the lawn on a regular basis. Always clean up after a meal outside and secure your garbage cans. You should also consider investing in row covers or other devices to protect your vegetable garden. Skunks are attracted to places where they can find food.

Call a Professional

Call your local wildlife remover if you are struggling with a skunk problem. They can find the animal’s den and remove it safely. They can also identify the factors contributing to the invasion and all other areas that are prone to animal break-ins. The technicians at Skunk Control would be happy to help. We provide humane solutions to all skunk problems. We ensure that the animals are removed safely and without harm. We also provide guaranteed exclusion services to keep skunks and other animals out for good. Call Skunk Control today.