Do Baby Skunks Smell

Do Baby Skunks Smell?

Skunks are some of the few animals out there that use a spray for self-defence. It’s so powerful that it can be smelled from over 2km away. Skunks are also incredibly accurate with their aim. They can spray at a distance of 15ft, warding off coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, and even bears. If you’ve ever had a skunk spray near your home, you know just how bad it is. But do skunks always smell bad? No. Skunks withhold their spray until they feel in absolute danger. Call Skunk Control today for an inspection of your property and humane skunk removal plan.

Baby skunks develop their scent gland at merely 3 weeks of age, but they rarely use them. Baby skunks cannot spray with the same accuracy or velocity as their parents. They only spray when they are seriously frightened. It is not until skunks are fully weaned, at roughly 7 weeks of age, that they begin spraying. However, even adult skunks refrain from spraying because it takes them 10 days to regenerate the liquid. They will hop, stomp their feet, and flag their tails as warning signs, then spray only as a last resort.

Signs There are Baby Skunks on Your Property

So, baby skunks usually don’t smell like much. They hide in their dens with their mothers and only spray when they need to, once they are old enough to venture out. If you are looking for skunks on your property, you might not smell anything at all. Look for signs of digging underneath the patio, porch, deck, shed, crawlspace, or other structure in the yard. Any gap that is 3 or 4 inches wide can fit a skunk. Skunks usually den in late spring, then leave in midsummer. They do not hibernate, but skunks make new dens in the fall so they can sleep somewhere warm in the winter.

You can get rid of skunks yourself with some humane harassment. These are skittish, nocturnal animals that will leave their dens if they feel uncomfortable. Try soaking some rags in apple cider vinegar and placing them in perforated plastic bags. Then, put the bags around the entrance of the skunk’s den to mimic the scent of predators. You can also turn on a radio and leave it near the den during the day or point a flashlight toward the den to disturb the animal’s sleep. If all else fails, contact a local wildlife removal company for help.

Call Skunk Control for Humane Removal

The technicians at Skunk Control are trained and experienced in evicting skunks humanely. They can find where the skunks on your property are denning, then force them out with a one-way door. The one-way door is specially made for skunks. It lets them out of their den when they want to go out, then blocks their return. Another benefit you would receive from hiring a technician is the possibility to exclude your property. We can identify every vulnerability in your yard, then protect them from future wildlife invasions. Our exclusion services are guaranteed and come with a 2-year warranty.