does tomato juice get rid of the skunk smell

does tomato juice get rid of the skunk smell?

Whoever has the unfortunate time of standing eye to eye with a skunk must undergo a very strict regimen of bathing and keeping oneself clean. There are thousands of home remedies to get rid of the skunk smell, but this one stands out in that it uses tomato juice. Now, this method is a very old one and according to many people a quite useful one, but is it as useful as many people claim?

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Tomato juice is indeed useful in a bunch of recipes from pasta to soup but is it useful on humans as well. The idea is that people have to bathe themselves with tomato juice to get rid of the smell, but what it does is mask the smell of the skunk spray and fool people that the smell is not there. The result is a weird mix between smelling something ammoniac and tomato-y. The tomato juice might remove some thiols and thioacetates that cause the pungent smell but do not remove it completely.

So instead of smelling tomato-y, this is a solution that seems to work. Now when you are sprayed you want to remove all the clothes and once and want to make sure not to touch anything. Skunk spray is a type of oil. When it comes in touch with other items or materials, the oil can stay on there for a prolonged time.

The ingredients you will need for this home-made de-skunking formula is as follows:

  • 1/4th of a quart of hydroperoxide
  • Vinegar
  • A teaspoon of dish soap

Mix it all up in a bowl and when taking a shower or a bath, you have to preferably lather the solution to where you were affected. Do not leave the solution too long on your skin. The formula is safe to be used on your skin. Make sure that the formulation does not go inside of your eyes.

In the case of a pet, there are numerous de-skunkers available on the market. Do not let your dog enter the house as any oil left on any type of furniture might stay there for a long period. The best alternative is to do it outside unless it is too cold.

For dogs, the best way to use the de-skunker is the same way how you would use dog shampoo.

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