How Do You Prevent Skunks And Other Wildlife

How Do You Prevent Skunks And Other Wildlife?

Wildlife is very difficult to stop. They come to your property because you invite them. Wild animals come to your property for varying reasons. Skunks come because their favourite food is grubs. If you have a lawn spotted with yellow and green and the yellow all seem to connect like a map then you have grubs. Raccoons come to your property for food as well. They are not looking for grubs, however. They are looking for garbage, so are skunks and so are squirrels. They will come because you have a bird feeder because you have a pool, a pond or a water feature, even a birdbath will bring animals to your property. Contact Skunk Control for complete wildlife-proofing.

Improperly stored garbage and feeding pets outside will attract more wildlife than can be imagined. Eating outside is also dangerous. Make sure to scrub your BBQ clean after every use. Do not leave leftovers outside overnight. Feeding pets and children outside is also a mistake. Clean everything as you go or you will see animals on your property.

The steps for getting rid of all wild animals on your property are involved and complex. If you follow them you will be safe from wild animals coming on your property for reasons of nourishment but they may still come to defecate, to mate or to just pass through. The goal is to make sure they do not stay.

Garbage is the main reason animals are on your property. They come because the garbage is not stored properly. Raccoons can open doors and skunks can knock the can over. Squirrels are small enough to just squeeze through and there are a host of other things that are drawn by open and accessible garbage. You need to get a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid and a lock. Keep it in the garage and put it out the way of, not the night before.

If you have skunks that frequent your property and tear up your lawn then you have grubs. They are large juicy thick worm-like insects that are loved by many burrowing animals from moles to skunks. They will rip the grass off and dig for grubs. You will find turf turned over and conical holes everywhere in your lawn. The only way to stop this is to aerate your soil in the early spring and then use less nitrogen, if it’s bad you can spray pesticides to get rid of them. Limit access to food and water and the animals will leave.