skunks digging up lawn

Skunks Digging Up Lawn

Skunks are very problematic animals that cause all kinds of issues for property owners and people that love to be outside and be active outside. The reason why skunks can be so problematic is because skunks are motivated by looking for shelter, food, and water.

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Once the skunk identifies a property to be adequate, the skunk will head toward that direction and will establish a burrow at the base of the property. In most cases, skunks will establish a burrow at the base of decks, patios, and the structural base of the building itself by making use of its razor-sharp claws that are designed to easily dig substantial amounts of dirt.

Skunks and Grubs

Skunks also use this skill to dig up grubs. Grubs are the larvae of certain beetles and are known to be extremely difficult to deal with since they live below the surface. For skunks, they use their superior olfactory glands to detect and locate these grubs whereafter they dig it up with the same claws they dig the burrow.

In doing this, they keep their nose close to the surface to dig up their threat. Skunk activity can be easily seen by the amount of potholes that these animals leave behind. This can cause the lawn to be aesthetically affected and leave greenery trampled.

This can leave property owners under great amounts of stress and panic depending on how involved they are with the care of their lawns. So what are some ways you can tackle this? There are countless of ways to keep the skunks away from the property. Be advised that some methods might see greater results than others based on factors that might be unique to your own circumstances.

So here are some ways you can get rid of skunksĀ 

  • Electrical Fencing – Placing and installing an electrical fence that will give just enough voltage to scare away the skunk from the property might be a good solution depending on how you feel about the skunk being shocked in an insignificant way. The voltage is just enough to startle the skunk and to assure that the skunk won’t be returning to the property anytime soon.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – Also simply spelled as DE, this naturally occurring substance is a sediment rock that can easily be turned into a powdered form. The reason why DE is so effective in combatting the presence of skunks is that it attacks the very reason why skunks are present in your lawn is because of those grubs. By attacking those grubs, you, at the same time deter skunks from coming to the property.
  • Predator Urine – By using the urine of natural predators that the skunks are startled by, the chance of skunks coming on the property will be slim. However, just as with any solution, this remains highly dependent on the method of application and how thoroughly the predator urine is applied. Examples of skunk predator urines are coyote urine, fox urine, and wolf urine.

Skunk Control for Effective and Humane Skunk Removal

Skunks as earlier mentioned can be highly troublesome and destructive animals that regularly seek to benefit from your property by digging up grubs, eating from the garbage, and digging up burrows for long-term habitation. To tackle this issue, you will need the aid of professionals that can properly assess the situation and propose viable solutions that will keep skunks away indefinitely. Call the skunk removal professionals at 647-496-4484.