can skunks carry rabies

Can Skunks Carry Rabies

Skunks like almost all animals will carry the rabies virus, but will not be affected by it unless it is bitten by another animal that actively carries the rabies virus. Caution must be practiced if you are near skunks since they do have the ability to bite their victim.

Skunk symptoms may not be apparent until weeks later when they reach the last stage of the disease which attacks the central nervous system. Once that happens there is a chain of events that can occur which may seem odd and even scary to the point that you will need to stay away from them.

So what happens when they are infected by rabies? 

  • Raccoons may seem disoriented – Raccoons will limp or will go in random directions without having a clear goal in mind. Caution needs to be exercised as earlier said since they might have the tendency to attack you unprovoked. When raccoons seem dazed make sure to keep a considerable distance and even move away from them including your children and your pets.
  • Salivation – Skunks may produce excessive amounts of saliva in their mouth which will lead them to drool out of their mouth. Skunk saliva can be extremely dangerous and people and pets should not come in contact with it.
  • Foaming Around the Mouth – When you see foam appearing from the raccoon’s mouth you need to make sure to keep pets and children away from the area. Foaming from the mouth indicates that they are in the final stages of rabies and may have gone delirious.

Skunk Removal Process

If you do find yourself near a skunk that seems rabid, move away from the area and call wildlife control experts that have the raccoons removed. Under any circumstance do not remove the raccoon yourself as their behaviour can be very unpredictable. Rabies can be transferred through a raccoon biting you or saliva passing through an office or an open wound.

The way that Skunk Removal Specialists will remove skunks from a property is through the use of a one-way door. The One-way door will alow the skunks to leave the property without having the need for trapping or caging. In the event that a skunk is seen, caging can be one of the exceptional times where we have to utilize this method since these raccoons can be incredibly hostile when they come eye to eye with someone is considered hostile.

Skunk Control

If you have skunks on your property and need to have them removed whether rabid or not, contact the professional skunk removal professionals from Skunk Control for high-quality, affordable, and guaranteed removal of skunks. Call 647-496-4484.