skunk digging up lawn

Skunks digging up lawn

Skunks can pose a significant challenge when they invade lawns, wreaking havoc on their appearance due to their relentless pursuit of grubs. These resourceful creatures excavate holes to capture these grubs, employing their highly sensitive noses to unearth them even at depths of up to three inches. Moreover, skunks incessantly burrow around lawns as a means of fortification against external elements.

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Their presence can be particularly troublesome for individuals who maintain flower beds, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens, as these serve as abundant sources of sustenance for skunks, complementing their diet of insects.

Skunk Activity

Primarily active during the autumn season, skunks have sufficient climbing skills and, therefore, keep their snouts close to the ground. Their dietary preferences mimic another urban nuisance, the raccoon. Skunks primarily feed on subterranean insects like grubs and earthworms, showing no hesitation in devouring crayfish, small birds, eggs, and even frogs. Additionally, they display a strong affinity for fruits such as grapes, cherries, strawberries, and others.

Skunk Repellants

Implementing animal repellants provides an effective strategy to deter these persistent creatures from disturbing your lawn. Various options, ranging from natural to chemical-based products, are available in the market. However, caution must be exercised when choosing repellants, as their efficacy may not always align with the claims made by manufacturers. While numerous websites suggest home remedies, it’s important to note that their effectiveness is limited and results can vary significantly based on the application method and location.

Barriers Against Skunks

Creating a physical barrier by installing fencing around your lawn can serve as a reliable means of preventing animals from digging it up. Lightweight deer fences are a viable option that requires minimal installation time. Solid wooden fences also prove effective in deterring animals while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Although electric fences are costly to install and maintain, they provide a highly efficient solution for safeguarding your lawn from intrusive animals.

Reducing Grubs

Reducing the population of grubs in your lawn will naturally discourage animals from frequenting it. Consider introducing beneficial “Nematodes” into the soil to disrupt the access to grubs. These small plant-parasitic insects target and eliminate various soil-dwelling pests, including grubs, ultimately reducing their population within your lawn.

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