How To Keep Skunks From Digging Up My Lawn

How To Keep Skunks From Digging Up My Lawn

The question you should be asking is why skunks are on your property at all. What are they coming for. Digging up a lawn is normal behaviour for them but why are they doing it? All wild animals are after three things. A home, food and water. That is all they need to survive. So if you have skunks on your property your property probably has open access to food, water and most important a place for them to live. That is right, these skunks are not just finding food on your property, they live on it. They do not access attics as they cannot climb however they can burrow like no other animal. With long thick claws they can get under a shed or deck or into a crawlspace. Call Skunk Control for removal.

The most common reason a skunk is digging up is because your lawn is already a write off. Is your lawn almost all yellow with patches of light green? Is it nearly dead and no matter what you do, water it constantly and fertilize it it just wont be green. This is because the water and fertilizer you are feeding the lawn is not feeding the grass at all. Its feeding grubs in your lawn that are consuming the nitrogen in the soil and sucking life affirming juices that keep the plant alive. They literally burrow into the plants roots and suck it dry. Getting rid of them will have the added bonus of getting rid of the skunks and getting a green lawn back. The process is simple. It must be done in the early spring when winter is gone and the trees are growing leaves but not fully. When you see the buds in spring is when you do this treatment. Rent an aerator to aerate the lawn. This is a machine the digs out cylindrical chunks of soil and is death for grubs. You then use a low or no nitrogen fertilizer and if you need to a mild domestic grade anti grub pesticide. This will ensure your lawn from summer to fall and will get rid of not just skunks but gophers, moles and voles as well who all indulge in your yard and garden.

Doing this once every year and then watering your lawn as little as possible through the rest of the season will keep all pests and along with much of the wildlife and rodent population off your property. Now once you have done that make sure to take down any bird feeders or bird baths, seal off your hose with an attachment if it leaks. Even a few drops of water can bring and animal to your property. And most importantly of all, lock you garbage up and never leave a bag out of a container.

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