How to Get Rid of Skunk with Babies

How to Get Rid of a Skunk with Babies

Is there a family of skunks in your yard? Be careful you don’t get sprayed! Skunks are suburban invaders of porches, decks, and sheds across Ontario, famous for their smelly spray. Invasions are especially common in the spring, when females need a place to raise their young, and in the fall, when the weather gets cold. Getting rid of skunks is a good idea, but it must be done right. For best results, call Skunk Control. We offer humane, guaranteed skunk removal and exclusion services.

Skunks are mammals that closely related to weasels. They measure roughly 2 to 3 feet long and have big bushy tails. While they are mostly black and low to the ground, skunks can easily be distinguished from other urban creatures thanks to the two white stripes that run down their backs. Native to the Americas, skunks are omnivores that feed on insects, grubs, berries, and a variety of other foods. Skunks mate in early spring and have litters of four to seven kits in May or June. It is often during this time that females invade human properties for shelter.

If there is a family of skunks on your property, it is recommended that you wait until the kits are venturing out with their mothers before evicting them. Kits are blind and immobile at birth. Removing them when they are too young risks separating them from their mothers, who will damage your property further in their attempts to reunite. Harming skunks is also illegal in Ontario without a hunting license. Wait until you have witnessed the kits leaving their den with their mother or until mid-summer. Then, set up a one-way door to the entrance of the den.

The one-way door is the most effective way to get rid of skunks. This consists of a plastic or mesh flap that swings outward, letting the animals safely out of their dens, while blocking their return. Once out, the skunks will be unable to get back inside, and they will find another place to live. To make a one-way door, try modifying a live trap so that the animals can exit. Also, to help ensure that the skunks won’t come back, seal other entry points with a thick wire mesh. Pest-proof the edges of your deck, shed, or crawlspace to keep them out for good.

Getting rid of skunks can be difficult, especially when there are babies involved. These are smart little animals that will not hesitate to spray you if you get too close. The best thing you can do in this situation is to hire a professional wildlife remover. Professionals can identify at which stage the skunks are as well as every factor contributing to your skunk problem. They can remove the animals humanely and keep them out by sealing all potential entry points. Call us for an inspection and guaranteed skunk removal service: 647-496-4484.