How Do You Know if you Have a Skunk

How do you know if you have a skunk?

Skunks are on your property for food. While they enjoy human food and garbage, even bird seeds, their favourite food is grubs. So if you have lawn grubs then you will have skunks showing up to eat them and that will involve digging up your lawn almost entirely. This is a stressful situation especially if you are in a closed neighbourhood that has condo guidelines. Keeping your lawn in good condition with grubs is hard enough. Bring skunks into the situation and the end of your lawn may be near. Call Skunk Control for help.

What you will see when inspecting your lawn for skunk activity is to inspect the actual lawn itself. Has the dog been digging in the garden again? Does your small child have a love for his bucket and spade? If not then finding two or three-inch cone-like holes and earth and grass that have been not just dug up but entirely overturned with grass lying on the grass. This is a sign that you have a severe skunk infestation and the best way to get rid of them is to get rid of what they are there for. Grubs.

Finding where the skunks are living is not a tough as it sounds. You will be able to track their movement if you know what their feet look like. They have five toes on each foot, like humans only they have four. Unlike raccoons, these appendages are not possible. Raccoons can pick up tools and use them. Skunks are not capable of that kind of activity but do have long and powerful claws that can shred soil and tear wood apart. They tend to prefer to live underground but that will not stop them from ripping up the grass and damaging whatever they burrow under. You can look for tracks that look like four claws scraping through the ground. Their faith claw is usually not apparent in their tracks. However, if you find upturned earth and conal holes on your lawn then you can be sure you have an infestation.

It is important to mention that the telltale smell of a skunk is not a reason to assume there is a skunk on your property. A neighbour’s dog has have been sprayed a few hundred meters away and ran under your deck for safety. It may have already left but the smell won’t. This is because the chemicals that make the smell are highly active even in tiny amounts, down to eleven parts per million will still make a stench. If you find out you have skunks on your property you should take action. Either call Skunk Control or get ready for some serious work. While some may want to try trapping the skunks it is both extremely inhumane and dangerous as the skunk will spray you when you try to approach or move it. The only way to get rid of it after it’s burrowed under your shed or deck is to exclude it. This is a term used by wildlife specialists. It involves digging a trench around the structure and sealing the area off with waterproof galvanized steel mesh. This can take a long time for someone who is not trained and experienced in this kind of work so if you think it will be too much for you call a professional.