can baby skunks have rabies

can baby skunks have rabies

Yes, baby skunks can have rabies along with other viruses, but it must be noted that there is a difference between having rabies and being rabid. The condition of actually being rabid is much lower than carrying the actual rabies which is a very common occurrence for many skunks. Baby skunks that are rabid do not live very long due to their fragility and their age.

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Rabies is a disease that affects the nervous system of the animal. It must also be noted that in order for an animal to be rabid, the virus has to pass the bloodstream. The onset of rabies can differ per animal, but the consequences and the symptoms can be observed in a few weeks.

What are the signs of a rabid skunk

Since the signs of a baby skunk are far harder to detect, we will focus on the signs of a rabid mature skunk since they are not that withdrawn compared to their younger counterpart.

One of the signs that are associated with the symptoms of rabid skunks is feeling lethargic and vomiting. This can already appear in the first few days of contracting the virus. In the later stages of contracting the rabies and becoming rabid, skunks may even become very aggressive and display signs of confusion as well. If you see a skunk making its way toward you and want to make sure that you and your pets are safe, then make sure your kids and pets do not approach your skunk.

If you are find a skunk on your property, hire a professional and licensed pest control technician that can safely remove the skunk through the following process.


The inspection phase is the most important phase and the first one in the skunk removal process. Technicians will go through the exterior in search of skunk burrows. Skunks burrow under the bases of existing structures such as decks, patios, stair porches, and more. The inspection seeks to find entry points and to determine vulnerabilities. Once the inspection is complete, the technician will provide the property owner with recommendations.

Meshing and Trenching

 In most cases, the skunk will inhabit places underneath existing structures. To remove the skunk, a one-way door will be attached to the base of the structure. The one-way door leads the skunk from underneath. To prevent the skunk from digging its way back, technicians will dig a 1 ft-deep trench around the perimeter of the structure. Once dug, technicians will place an L-shaped steel mesh in the trench. This will stop the skunk from digging underneath. Skunks may take a few days to vacate the area.

One-Way Door Removal

The technician will revisit the and check for vacancies. If confirmed, the technician will take the one-way door down, and patch the main entry point with steel mesh material strong to avert future skunk attacks.  

Professional Skunk Removal Services

If you have skunks on your property that you need to get rid of in a safe and quick way, do not hesitate to contact the fully qualified professionals from Skunk Control. We have years of professional experience with getting skunks out of properties from the most challenging circumstances. Call us at 647-496-4484.